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Supergraphic signage for the annual Frogtown Artwalk, part of Play The LA River - a year long series of arts events based on and around this huge but predominantly disused waterway.


Strikingly distinct from the various architectural backdrops they stood against, and enlivening otherwise blank facades, the over-sized human-height numbers assumed a character of their own whilst providing a transformative and readily recognizable identity for the whole event.


The numbers were each laser cut from plywood, sanded, primed and then handpainted by volunteers and members of the local community with a range of highly colored graphic patterns following a set of pre-determined designs.


The graphic style and colour palette were derived in homage to legendary local graphic artist, Deborah Sussman, who had sadly just passed away.  Sussman was a pioneer of the supergraphics movement and in the field of environmental graphic design, working in the offices of Charles and Ray Eames between 1953 and 1963, and most notably designing the architectural language and landscape of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.


Frogtown Artwalk

Los Angeles

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