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A simple adaption of the low-tech but extremely effective Pepper’s Ghost stage trick - invented in the 1860s but still used in many museums and theme parks today, most notably in Disneyland's 'Haunted Mansion' attractions. In this version of the technique however, the audience witnesses a ghostly reflection of itself rather than that of hidden actors.  


This constructed illusion was installed in the car park behind the Royal College of Art canteen where students, staff and visitors were afforded a private opportunity to reflect on their own lives during their lunch break.

The 'Great Glass Divide' Illusion Booth

Royal College of Art


TheGreatGlassDivide-02 TheGreatGlassDivide-08 TheGreatGlassDivide-11 TheGreatGlassDivide-12 TheGreatGlassDivide-01