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A display of 10 illustrations drawn specially for the Origins exhibition hung on the walls of the Royal Academy's Architecture Space.


The drawings show the origins of the new architectural elements created for the various artworks and interventions around Burlington House, and their application in speculative designs for actual buildings.


Inspired by the pages of an architectural treatise, on one side the elements are shown in isolation, while on the other they appear as part of a new three-dimensional spatial proposition.  Intended to be both modern and anachronistic, serious and playful, figurative and abstract, the drawings act as both a guidebook to the Origins projects and a reminder of how 'origin myths' can still inform new architecure.



[From Origins: A Project by Ordinary Architecture]

5 Treatise

Royal Academy of Arts

Ordinary Architecture x RA 8739 Ordinary Architecture x RA 8757 Ordinary Architecture x RA 8779 Ordinary Architecture x RA 8741